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Make Music Day 2024:Pulsations

Hi,I'm Soprano Miki Kusumoto. Nice to meet you.

We appeared in a cultural project officially recognized by the Paris Olympics 2024. 24 countries around the world streamed music live like a torch relay, from New Zealand to Paris.

I was very happy to be able to participate in such a wonderful project.

I lived in Germany for six years to study vocal music. Like the torch relay at the Paris Olympics, each country played 10 minutes of music together, giving us a sense of global connection and making us realize that we are truly living in the same "time" on Earth.

Have fun with it!


"Sakura Sakura"

-Homage to the cherry blossoms, a national flower of Japan~

"The Moon over the ruined castle"

The glory and the fall of the ancient Samurai world evoked

"Un bel di, vedremo" from the opera "Madame Butterfly" Waiting for her American Navy officer husband to return to Japan

"An die Freude" from Beethoven's 9th Symphony

Let's hug each other, millions of people! Send this kiss to the whole world!

Cast: Miki Kusumoto (Soprano), Masaki Yoshida (Bariton), Shiyo Matsuura (Japanese Harp).

Delivery Technology: Masaki Kusumoto, Taisuke Yoshioka

Direction: Kana Kusumoto (Stage), Mariko Hashimoto (Dressing), Asuka Nanbu (Makeup)

Interpretation and Produced : Toshihiko Sugimoto

Miki Kusumoto Instagram

Here's the actual video (4 Songs 10min)

This Video "Sakura Sakura" was edited later.

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